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I’m Candydragon, I’m a young black female and I enjoy doing digital art in my spare time; I have a HUGE passion for Ninjago, it’s a show that has heavily impacted my life in the best ways. I post all my art on my Twitter page and I’m always glad to be part of the fandom’s creative online community.

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Hi, I’m Jed! I’ve been in the Ninjago Fandom since 2017 and been making fanart for just about as long. I love building Lego sets and dabbling in many different interests. In the professional world I’ve recently become a licensed EMT and am working towards becoming a Paramedic.



Hi, I’m Vines, a funky fresh Ninjago fan. The movie got me into the series in 2017 and it’s been the main motivator and improver of my art journey ever since. My creativity stems from Ninjago, it’s my forever comfort and passion, and I couldn’t be more proud!



Hi, my name is Loghan and I’m an 18 year old, non binary, digital artist from the UK. I’ve been watching Ninjago since I was little and have created so many friends thanks to the show. My favourite ninja probably has to be Zane as he and I are alike in many aspects. On my twitter page I post most of my art!



I’m BuizelCream from the Philippines, who recently enjoyed the Ninjago series thanks to Warner Bros’ Ninjago the Movie (2017). I love to draw a lot and continue improving on my skills, and I hope to spread fun and joy with my works.


artist: @Etheram2



Hiya! I’m Yasur! I’m a biracial artist and musician who wants to work in the film industry someday! Ninjago has introduced me to so many amazing people and has inspired me to try new things! I’m currently working on a fanseason/au called Ninjago®: The Good Emperor and I am having so much
Fun with it! Outside Ninjago I love a variety of different shows and games and I am always eager to meet new people!



Hi I’m Etheram! I’m a university student and digital artist who has joined the community because of the Lego Ninjago Movie. I became a huge fan of Ninjago since this day, this show played a huge part in my motivation to draw and to improve and I met amazing people!

You can see more of my art here.



Hello! I’m Lundi, from the land of the brick.
My goal is to create art that makes people happy, smile and inspired to create their own.

I find LEGO to be the ultimate way to accomplish this goal.

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artist: @_L1_B1_


Diderik / L1B1

Hi I’m Diderik / L1B1 !
I’m an art student who likes to draw and collect Lego ninjago



Hi! I’m Caitlynbird, a Taiwanese teenager and a huge fan of Ninjago. I mostly draw black-and-white fanart, but I hope to try coloring and animating in the future 🙂



Heyoo! my name is Emily but many know me as Emzy. I am a 19 year old British female who lives in the UK. I am 1/6 of the BigBoss crew and a host of TheMarvellousCast over on YouTube. I enjoy doing art, photography and spreading happiness throughout the community. 🙂


Please do not copy the artwork on this website. Thank you.