Jake was only 9 years old when he died from cancer. It was a long, tough battle that no one should go through. Ninjago® gave him a place of hope, a place for you to be whoever you want to be. Jake loved Ninjago and even got to meet Tommy Andreasen himself, Tommy loved Jake and they shared a caring bond. Jake even became a character in the show where he taught us all a lesson. Ninja Never Quit! When Jake passed away, everyone was heartbroken and I think we can all learn a lesson from Jake. Never give up, never quit, always keep your head up and try and only then will you find the way. The way of the Ninja.
Rest in Peace Jake
You will always be missed and we will never forget you!

author: @Arjan81345509


Jake by @EvaEEHa


artist: @miyusketches

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