Fan Art 3

artist: @HeyItzMoose



Hello! my name is Novel, people also know me as Novelsycto. I’m a 17 year old digital artist and i’ve been a Ninjago fan since 2012. Ninjago has always been a source of happiness to me and also inspires me to improve my drawings. I really enjoy sharing my art with the community.



Hi there! I’m miyusketches, but you can call me Yunhee. I’ve been a fan of Ninjago since 2011. I’m mostly active on Instagram, but I also have Twitter and Tumblr! I recently started writing a fanseason titled NINJAGO: Shadows of the Past on Wattpad. It’s very nice to meet you!



My name is GoldGrabber07 (aka Gold07Arts) and I’m a silly cartoon artist with a head full of ideas and crazy hair! I love making fanart and fan content for my childhood fandoms, especially Ninjago, which I’ve been watching for as long as it’s been out!


Endre / Android

I’m Endre a 16 year old artist from the Netherlands and I’ve been a fan of ninjago since 2014. Ive had an Instagram account on which I post my drawings for about 9 months. Of course you can use my pic of the oni masks for the header!! You can name me either Endre, Android or Andraw.oid



Hello, my name is Dalal I’m 21 year old . I’m digital artist I’m with the community. I’ve been watching Ninjago since I was young and made a lot of friends thanks to the show. And my favorite ninja is Cole because we are similar in so many ways ♡



Hi! My name is Sicely, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada! I’ve loved Ninjago ever since I was a little girl, and it’s what inspired me to get back into art! I wish to one day make this my job and share my awesome ideas with the world! 🙂


artist: @novelsycto


Assion Pakey

Heyo! I’m Assion Pakey, a Brazilian girl who loves to draw and make little animatics!
I got into the NinjaGo fandom when I saw that the 13 seasons were on Netflix, so I was like: oh this show still having new eps? cool, time to rewatch and after this, I was completely in love with the series



Hi, I’m Lasha15:13! I am a self taught, traditional artist from the US. I love sketching, concept art, and character design. Ninjago’s characters are among my favorites to draw because I love translating their LEGO designs into a more realistic, human style. Zane is my absolute favorite! I started watching Ninjago after seeing the episode “Tick Tock” and I’ve been a huge Zane fan ever since.



Hi! I’m AafterglowEeye, but people call me Kate as well. I’m 19 years old female from Czechia and art is my hobby.
Lego Ninjago® remains the show that inspires me creatively ever since I can remember.



Hey, I’m yoshisrgr8 (on both Twitter and Instagram), but a lot of people online just call me Yoshi. I’m a multi-fandom artist who loves to create art of the characters I love and share them with the world.


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