Aspiring Artists

Hello! My name is Jace, I enjoy doing art, programming with python, watching movies, and overall having a fun time! I hope who ever is reading this has a fun day! ^w^


I’m Caitlynbird, a high schooler from Taiwan. I fell in love with Ninjago in 2020, and have been obsessed ever since; and though I usually avoid doing 3D drawings since I can’t do shading, Ninjago has inspired me to try out different styles. Currently I’m attempting to improve my shading, and I plan to try coloring my drawings in the future. ZANE BEST NINJA


Hi I’m Flo. I’m Dutch. I’ve been watching Ninjago since 2015 and have been collecting since 2015.
My very first set was the jungle trap.

DivesDolphin plays the Ninjago® overture on flute

Riptide – I am a 13 year old asian American who loves ninjago, art, photoshopping, and much more


Hello, I am  Agent Venom! I love to draw. I have a discord channel and I also do Ninjago drawings! Normally, I do them when they reach a specific anniversary, so I will be doing some more in the future.

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