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A Tenth Anniversary Fanzine

The 10th Anniversary Ninjago Zine was a project that was started early February 2020. The Zine was aimed at bringing together as many Ninjago fancreators as we could handle to produce a book filled with fanart and fanfictions to celebrate Ninjago’s incredible 10th anniversary. The zine features a total of 124 fancreators, 97 artists, 25 writers and 2 cosplayers bringing the book to 365 total pages. Everyone worked really hard over the course of the year so be sure to check out each fancreator!

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NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (1/4)
2011 – 2012

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (2/4)
2014 – 2017

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (3/4)
2018 – 2019

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (4/4)
2019 – 2020

LEGO® NINJAGO® 10 Year Anniversary Tribute | Ten Years, Ten Whips
by TTV Channel


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Sokoda’s beautiful MOC project for the 10th anniversary of Ninjago®


artist: ninja_len

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