Memorial to Kirby Morrow
1973 – 2020

Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund

Why should you help???

Kirby was taken from us too early and had more to give and would have, given the chance. He was passionate about helping anyone he could get started in the industry he loved. This is our chance to continue that for him.


Casey Morrow


Order Remembrance Latern (Redbubble)

A letter to Kirby Morrow | Fan Tribute Project by Angela Tehaha

Back Home- Sam Vincent (Kirby Morrow / Ninjago’s “Cole”)

It Seems All of our Stories Start this Way

A tribute to Kirby Morrow written by The Newbie

“You see, the hero we gather to commemorate and memorialize today came long after time was given its name.”

This event is closed!

Prize Pool

Drawing of yourself as an anime charakter


I go by the username Halomoon & I’ve been working closely with Btehaha & AngelaaTejada on this fundraiser project for Kirby Morrow!

We are a group of fans who grew up listening to a lot of Kirby Morrow’s work growing up!
When we heard of the fundraiser that was created in his name to give the gift of support to another inspiring voice actor, we knew we wanted to help and thus the raffle was born!

We raised a total of $230 dollars !

This event is closed!

Limited Christmas Card 2021

@EvaEEHa @candydragonx & @MBrickjitzu

called for a fundraising campaign before Christmas. For $10 you could get a limited edition Christmas card designed by Candydragon, signed by Tommy Andreasen and sent by Eva.

On 16th of December Eva wrote on twitter:
Thanks to the generous and deeply committed Ninjago community, a total of 682$ was raised during this event to support the Kirby Morrow Memorial Scholarship Fund! I think that’s absolutely fabulous”

This event is closed!

CiLundiArt – Store Opening Charity Sale

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This website “Keepers of Spinjitzu” is dedicated to Kirby Morrow.
I hope you’re happy now, Kirby. Thank you!

Please do not copy the artwork on this website. Thank you.