Cast or fan?

A special feature of NINJAGO is the love and heart with which the creators fill this show with life.

Whether it’s the script, the story, the voice acting, the LEGO sets, the fantastic soundtrack, the animation…

Or writing a role for a little sick boy – Jake – so he will always be remembered as the strong little Ninja he was.

We fans feel the dedication with which NINJAGO reinvents itself again and again.

For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tommy Andreasen draw two awesome letter for the fans.

He wrote on twitter (10.09.2021)

If you want to write someone a letter, here’s a nice bit of layout you can print out to write it on …
From your uncle Tommy.

Click on the image to download the PDF file – ready to print.

Check out Tommy Andreasen’s YouTube channel, where he allows us to take a glimpse at his drawing technique and very own style

Ninja drawing – real time

Brent Miller (voice of Zane) also has his own YouTube channel full of interesting and funny interviews with his castmates and other “people in charge”.

@louisethatcher5 made this awesome little introduce

And now also Michael Adamthwait has his own YouTube Channel “The Blue Curtain Show”.
We are looking forward to see his content!


Way of the Departed by Tommy Andreasen

In this story written by Tommy Andreasen and published on twitter you will find some answers. Why did Cole’s scar disappear? And why don’t the Ninja use Airjitzu anymore?
>> click to read on this website – Es gibt auch eine deutsche Übersetzung.

artist of the drawing: @lightningvirus_

Sven Robin Kahl

(Toy Designer at Lego-Group)


Please do not copy the artwork on this website. Thank you.