Fan Art 4

artist:  @endre31755181



Hi, I’m Ana! I’ve been a huge fan of Ninjago basically since the first day I saw the pilot on TV. I love how this show brings so many people together, inspiring and creating amazing memories, so I’m really excited to see how it will continue to grow!!! And maybe I don’t know, bring all this happiness to others with my drawings!



Heya, I’m A.K.! I’m a Pakistani-American artist and I love to express my passion for Ninjago through my art! I’m always trying to expand my horizons with my art style and I hope people can enjoy the creative journey along with me!


Lea (Redwings)

I’m Lea and I’m a young digital artist who loves Lego and Ninjago, which is my favorite show and I always love to draw the characters of it and it always gives me inspiration.



I just love Ninjago and wanted to do something exclusive. I love doing this kind of stuff and drawing fan art and Ninjago posters. In principle, everything.

(She also made the crafts you can see here)


artist: @astro_mop


Snake Jaguar

Hi! Name’s Snake Jaguar and I’m primarily a Ninjago fan artist. My work includes both traditional and digital art as well as sculpting and carpentering. I’m a big fan of LEGO in general too and a Ninjago fan since 2011

Quinn Parker
Quinn Parker

Sarah K.

Hello, my name is Sarah K. I am a HUGE Ninjago fan!
It only happened recently, but there is no turning back now! During the Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, I was looking for fun stuff for my 6 year old to watch. After watching the Lego movies, we came across Ninjago. I thought I should watch a few episodes with my son to make sure they were ok for him but I was instantly hooked. I was going through a very difficult time and Ninjago gave me courage and also a way to escape for a short while. My little one and I absolutely love watching Ninjago together, building Lego sets and playing out our own stories with the minifigures. My son loves Lloyd the most but I love all the ninja dearly.. though admittedly I have a soft spot for Cole since he reminds me of a very special person who I lost.

About me… I am a guidance teacher, dancer, dance teacher, magic performer and T.V. entertainer. The wonderful artists of the Ninjago community inspired me to try to draw. I never thought I could.. in fact I assumed I was useless at it, but since ninja never quit, I gave it a try. It may not be very original or that great, but I am pleased with it and you know what? I tried… 😊 and I am proud! Never give up!



Hi, I am Refy.

I am an Ninjago artist. I prefer to paint in digital, but sometimes I will gladly take up a pencil or a brush)

I’ve been interested in the Ninjago fandom for many years, somewhere since its inception: 3 (and of course got my favorite: Kai >:D)

I hope it will be interesting for you to look at my work, and I will certainly try to please you.



YO! I’m Kennie, a fan artist that mostly likes to draw the fruit coloured ninja. I’ve been a Ninjago fan since I was young and have just gotten back into it recently. This show means a lot to me and so many other people, and I want to express my appreciation through my art!




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