Fan Art 6



I’m BuizelCream from the Philippines, who recently enjoyed the Ninjago series thanks to Warner Bros’ Ninjago the Movie (2017). I love to draw a lot and continue improving on my skills, and I hope to spread fun and joy with my works.



Hi, I’m Vines, a funky fresh Ninjago fan. The movie got me into the series in 2017 and it’s been the main motivator and improver of my art journey ever since. My creativity stems from Ninjago, it’s my forever comfort and passion, and I couldn’t be more proud!



I’m Ohnunu! I’m a passionate digital artist and animator who recently got back into the Ninjago fandom. I’ve been watching the show since I was little and I’ve never stopped loving it! I post my art on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram!



So my name is Nolene,I was born in Russia and I’m a 13 years old girl. I’m good at digital art and somethimes i do video edits too! 
I am a Ninjago and Marvel fan!
In my free time I play basketball, football or I’ll try something new!
(I’ll most probably watch a movie)



I’m Doro, I am a self taught artist and new to digital art. Ninjago has been with me since it first aired and has sparked so much inspiration towards the work I have created then and now. I have recently gotten into digital art in order to have my ideas more streamlined to my liking and for easier presentation. My twitter features more of my art and broader spectrum of interests.



Hi, I’m Ragdoll!! I’m a digital artist from the Uk. I’ve been a fan of Ninjago ever since the first season and love creating art for it. Both my Twitter and Instagram names are Ragdollarrt!!



I’m Dani, and I’m a South African Ninjago fan who enjoys drawing fanart of the characters who have raised me as I’ve grown older.
I go by dlaalsie on instagram, twitter and tumblr



She / Her | 16 years | I draw in my free time | I like to collect LEGO.

She also builds and sews the most amazing things. You can watch it here.


The Green Dork

Hey sup, I do digital art and I’m a huge fan from ninjago for a very long time now this show has been part of my childhood and still make me smile every time i watch it.


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