Fan Art 5

artist (commission work)  @Iegoninjago


Ninja Go Draw



Hello! My name’s C.K. I’m a self taught artist who has been a Ninjago fan since 2011. I look forward to many more years of Spinjtzu and Ninjago art!!



Hi! I’m Caitlynbird, a Taiwanese teenager and a huge fan of Ninjago. I mostly draw black-and-white fanart, but I hope to try coloring and animating in the future 🙂



Hey, I’m Emily and I’m a new artist that loves drawing Ninjago in my free time. I don’t have a lot of experience but I’m learning as a go and am extremely glad to be a part of such a great fandom!



I’m EFagerhag, a girl from Sweden who loves Ninjago! I have been a fan of the show since it first started in 2011, and I still adore it to this day. It was only recently that I started making fancontent though. On Twitter I post the paintings I make! I work with traditional art, mainly acrylics and watercolours. I also write fanfiction, and you can find me on ao3 as theoddkid.



my name is klaus, i’m a native american artist who enjoys drawing in my spare time. i’ve enjoyed ninjago since i was a child and it’s a huge interest of mine, i’m glad to share my art with everyone and hope to aspire young artists!


Phil (AmigoP)

„Hiya, I’m Phil! (or AmigoP on Twitter and Discord). I’m a 21y/o digital artist from the UK, and I’ve been a big fan of Ninjago ever since the pilots back in 2011, it’s so great to see how far the show has come, and all the great fans it’s gained along the way too!“



Hi! I am Jay Lightbolts or JayTVStudios, an artist who draws Lego. I am also an actor and YouTuber, and work on a comic series named The Collectron Chronicles.

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