Since our beloved author Bragi Schut has announced his retirement as #cakejago king and host of this fun contest, we thought – why not pick up that torch and carry it on for the community to enjoy in the future?

We will organise 3 – 4 events over the year and there will be awesome prices as well! So strap on that pink apron, stay tuned for more info and look out for the hashtag #cakejago!

Who is this guy?

On Twitter Tommy called him „One of my newest playmates“. And his own message leads to the question: „WE??? What does he mean with WE???“

„Can’t wait for everyone to see what we have planned with the Hands of Time :)“

What we can reveal today is this:
GoldenNinja3000 is a LEGO® YouTuber and AFOL whose LEGO® World Builder idea was produced into one of the Legacy short films. The short features the return of the Hands of Time and Wu…

GoldenNinja3000 on social media


He’s been creating YouTube videos about Ninjago sets since 2012

   Lego® YouTube channel

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