The Challenge

The ninja need new vehicles!
Help Dr. Borg to come up with fresh ideas and design a vehicle for one of the ninja.
It can be anything – a car, a jet, a bike, a flying saucer or something else entirely.

EVERYONE is invited to participate!
Send us a picture of your design and we will display them all on the site.
Make sure to clearly mark your name (or @name or alias) and age in the message (best: on the photo)

eMail your picture to:

The Raffle

To give our young, aspiring designers a platform and a solid chance to compete, we will raffle the prizes among our participants of 15 years of age and under.

The Prizes

1st prize:

A book signed by Tommy Andreasen with a Lloyd minifigure

2nd prize:

The ninja as a sticker, created by CiLundi

3rd prize:

The ninja as buttons, created by CiLundi

And among the over 15s this picture by Tommy Andreasen will be raffled off


The Rules

  • Duration of the event: 10-10 till 11-11
  • Creative challenge: Open to ALL PARTICIPANTS
  • Raffle for prizes: Open to participants of 15 YEARS AND UNDER
  • The vehicle / design must be your own and self-made
  • You can use any material – LEGO bricks, wood, clay, dough or other; build, craft, bake, draw, paint, sew – your creativity knows no boundaries.
    Let your imagination run wild!
  • Make a photo of your work WITH YOUR NAME AND AGE on it – that’s important for the raffle
  • Send your photo to
  • Be fair 🙂
  • Participation constitutes consent for the photo to be published on this site
  • And most important: HAVE FUN and ENJOY 🙂

We are looking forward to your creation!

Please do not copy the artwork on this website. Thank you.