Since our beloved author Bragi Schut has announced his retirement as #cakejago king and host of this fun contest, we thought – why not pick up that torch and carry it on for the community to enjoy in the future?

We will organise 2 – 3 events over the year and there will be awesome prices as well! So strap on that pink apron, stay tuned for more info and look out for the hashtag #cakejago!

The rules you find here.

Participants July 2021

Summary Of Rules

  • Duration: 4 weeks for baking and likes collecting + 2 weeks for final poll with finalists.
  • Anyone can participate, age doesn’t matter.
  • The cake must be self-made.
  • The 4 cakes with the most likes after 4 weeks will be in the final poll.
  • It has to be a Ninjago cake.
  • Sometimes we give a theme, then the cake has to fit to this theme.
  • A winning cake cannot be posted two times.
  • Those who did not win, but made it into the final poll, will be allowed to enter next time.
  • You can use the hashtag #cakejago, but please post the picture of your cake under the designated tweet
  • Be civil
  • Participation in cakejago constitutes consent for the cake to be published on this site
  • And most important: HAVE FUN and ENJOY YOUR CAKE 🙂

We are looking forward to your creation:


Please do not copy the artwork on this website. Thank you.