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Welcome Dear Ninjago Fan To Our Unique Ninjago Advent Calendar!

In the next 25 days you will find one or two new surprises every day at 8am CET. Many artists and creative minds have created something new especially for this calendar.
(Some pages are better viewed on a slightly larger screen than the smartphone)

On the very first day there are two great items for you:

First a little MOC to recreate by @TheSokoda

The Festive Traveler’s Tree

Once a year, the residents of the Never-Realm decided to decorate the mystical Traveler’s Tree to remember the heroes from another realm that saved them and the adventures they had together!

Share your individual build with us on twitter with the Hashtag #ninjagoadvent

The second is the first page (1/4) of a comic by @candydragonx


  1. Hello Ninjago Fan, we hope you enjoyed day one. Please let us know.
    Many greetings, Devi

  2. It’s so cool !! Love it sm!!

  3. We are glad you like it 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  4. I love it

  5. I like it. I like this cómic, what if you did not know that you would put a fictitious or real page XD

  6. Awesome

  7. this was awesome!! I can’t wait to check out tomorrows!

  8. Great drawing!
    Hope they find something for Master Wu

  9. Super Cool 😊

  10. Absolutely amazing, Devi!

  11. Ahhhh this is so cool! Really bringing in the Holiday Spirit!

  12. Great looking mock. (as allways)

    Excited to see the rest of the comic. (great art style)

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drawing by @candydragonx

banner/logo by @LegendOfNinjago

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