artist: @TheSokoda

Sokoda’s MOC gallery

You find Sokoda’s weekly builds on twitter and the TTV Channel Board

Blades of Deliverance

made by @privateduckcall aka EyeoftheWolfe

The Dial of Balance

This is Sokoda’s entry for the 10 Years of LEGO® NINJAGO® contest on Legoideas

“The Dial of Balance” is my little tribute to one of the most important lessons in Ninjago: Finding your balance.
It portraits the many aspects in which the balance affects Ninjago: The Oni and the Dragon, Ninjago and the dark Island and the story of the First Spinjitzu master!
With approximately 11800 pieces, this is probably my biggest MOC yet!

The Dial of Balance on Twitter

The Dial of Balance on YouTube

The Dial of Balance on Lego® ideas

Prime Empire’s Terra Technica and Terra Domina
by TrisT

With 44 figures, 4 shops, an arcade, dance floor, and Scott’s garage, I tried recreating some iconic parts of the season. In the center is the battle arena and an upgraded Temple of Madness, where Jay can take on Unagami!


Borg Tower

This fantastic Borg Tower was build by monopunks. You can watch his video on YouTube.

@Plumarroja2 made this oni mask of vegeance

This incredible MOC from Kai
was build by @SnakeJaguar1

He also builded a dragonbone blade

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