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Today we have two items for you. ENJOY!

Again little MOC to recreate by @TheSokoda

The Ice Emperor Snowman

Were these built to scare off wild animals, or to mock the cruel rule of the Ice Emperor? Maybe, but perhaps the Blizzard Samurai just wanted to play in the snow…

Share your individual build with us on twitter with the Hashtag #ninjagoadvent

The second is the 2nd page (2/4) of the comic by @candydragonx


  1. Hahaha – I think Cole is right….
    And: I love this little Snowemperor!

  2. This is so cool !!

  3. Jay in the last one 😉

  4. An Amazon Store Ninjago parody? Not impressed.
    Kai, being nice!

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drawing by @candydragonx

banner/logo by @LegendOfNinjago

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