Sounds of Spinjitzu

There is one thing that all fans agree on – no matter what other discussions are going on about the show: The Ninjago® soundtrack is simply terrific!
And “The Weekend Whip” by The Fold is also legendary.

But not only that. Ninjago inspires many musically talented artists to create their own interpretations.
Here we gather everything we can find on Ninjago’s musical side.

Original Soundtrack – The Composer

Jesi Nelson

Hands of time
Secrets of forbidden Spinjitzu
Prime Empire

Daniel Markovich

Prime Empire

Brian Rivlin

Prime Empire

Steven Gizzi

Prime Empire

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (1/4)
2011 – 2012

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (2/4)
2014 – 2017

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (3/4)
2018 – 2019

NINJAGO: A Musical Journey (4/4)
2019 – 2020

Weekend Whip: The Fold – LEGO® Ninjago® – Official Music Video

LEGO® NINJAGO® 10 Year Anniversary Tribute | Ten Years, Ten Whips
by TTV Channel

DivesDolphin plays the Ninjago® overture on flute

AMintArt sings a Seabound song called “Dear Nya”

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