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Sup, I’m Cheeseypies! Ninjago is a show I’ve enjoyed since I was 12, now 11 years later I’ve created this animatic. With this, I wanted to be able to take a nostalgic look back at a show with a cast of characters so many viewers have enjoyed from the start, an amazing soundtrack and score, and a story that resonates with so many. At the end of the day, this Ninjago animatic is a love letter to not only Ninjago and its creators but, its wonderfully creative fans, and I plan to keep on creating Ninjago art and animation for the future!

yt_logo_ Ninjago-Ninja Go Animated Music Video Animatic



Hi, I’m Mind! I’ve been watching and collecting Ninjago since it began in 2011, and created an Instagram account to post my collection in 2014. Since then, my Instagram page grew to have over 28,000 followers, and I had the privelege of joining the LEGO Ambassador Network!
In 2020, I started my YouTube channel, Bricks By Mind, where I post LEGO reviews, Ninjago discussions and theories, and host The Wu Crew Podcast, a weekly podcast where we talk about all things Ninjago and LEGO! Thanks to the LEGO Ambassador Network, I also sometimes get the opportunity to review LEGO sets before they’re officially released, which is a really exciting opportunity.


Ninja Whip

Ambassador of the Recognized Ninjago Community. AFOL Day 1, Ninjago Fan! Created the NINJAGO DOCUMENTARY!



Hey, I’m DailyRoLord! I make Ninjago videos such as analyses, arguments, episode & Lego set reviews, theories, and more! I’ve been running this channel since January of 2018. I hit 1,000 subscribers in February of 2019, and 10,000 subscribers in November of 2020.

Check out my social media pages and join my Discord server!



MercFusion has been a fan of Ninjago since the beginning, and his channel is a great archive for Ninjago related videos and has some great edits, music videos and more!



My name is OverlordX, and my channel specialises in things such as: Ninjago news, rankings, theories, and even challenges + reactions! If this sounds interesting to you, i’d highly recommend checking my channel out!
You also find me on discord.



Hi, I am Crusty783!

I make Ninjago videos about anything ranging from the themes and story of the TV series, to reviews of sets and minifigures. My main goal is to spread positivity towards the most and least liked Ninjago seasons and up the quality of discussion in general. I have been a fan since September of 2014 and dont plan on stopping anytime soon.

Be sure to check out my social media pages and join my discord!

(Note: “The Crew” has alot of swearing in it, so if you dont want to hear explicit language be sure to steer clear of that.)



Hi, I’m Louise, I do a lot of editing and I make fun random Ninjago vids that (I hope) entertain people.

I am also the author of the Ninjago ®Fan-Fiction-Series “Blast from the past”.

You can find my Social medias here:



PenPlays is a host to the largest virtual Minifig Museum on YouTube. Ranging from themes like Ninjago and Legends of Chima, to Unikitty and Star Wars, there are over 500 Minifig Turnaround entries to choose from, with more being uploaded every week.
In addition to Minifig Turnarounds, PenPlays is also host to the occasional lifestyle videos and opinion pieces.


Titanium Taco

YO YO YO What is up everyone Titanium Taco here!
On my channel you’ll be able to find Pokemon Figure Reviews as well as Ninjago stop motion videos and reactions (with a couple of other things sprinkled in there)! Hope you guys enjoy!

You can join me on discord.


The Ninja Realm

Welcome to The NinjaRealm. Your unofficial Home for all things Ninjago, The realm of the Ninja!

Here, you will see LEGO Ninjago Music videos, Leaks, News, Memes, events and MUCH more, make sure to SUBSCRIBE and stick around for more of the Amazing Ninjago, BUT only if you love Ninjago 🙂
My ongoing goal is to reach 5000 Subscribers so if your a Fan of Ninjago, Subscribing is a good option for both of us 🙂 after all for once I think you should Ninjastay instead of Ninjago..

We also hold lots of community events for all Ninjago Fans


Don’t NinjaGo, NinjaStay!



Hi! My name is Len!!
I am a Mexican youtuber who talks about Ninjago since the series means a lot to me, because of its characters, teachings and stories. I like to project that appreciation on varied content!
Currently I have decided to enter the world of Instagram, with new, simpler international content, among that, image editing, I think I do not do so bad … Why not take a look at my Instagram and check it?


Everything Not Saved

Welcome to Everything Not Saved. My name is Zach, and I’m a writer, for better or worse. I like to spend my time talking about things I enjoy in excruciating detail, so I made this channel my hub for video essays, discussions, retrospectives, and analysis. Ninjago is my passion, as I’ve been a day one fan, but my soul belongs to music. So every here and there I’d like to open your eyes to some new tunes if you’d let me. I’m currently in college to be a scriptwriter, but I spend my free time playing the bass and crushing on Harumi. I hope you enjoy this peek into my subconscious. I got tired of yelling into the void, so I’d like to make something out of Everything that hasn’t been Saved.

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