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In our Casting Network artists of all kinds are available for your Ninjago® projects of all kinds.

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Jackson Krizen

Age: 18
Country: United States
Twitter: @JacksonKrizen
YouTube: themarvellouscast
Discord: JkandEtproductions#2996

Participate as: Voice actor

Hello! I’m Jackson! I’m a voice actor, I have quite a few projects under my belt, if you want to see them, just let me know! I am a decently good Jay voice actor, and I can do quite a bit of other stuff as well!

Anything else: I’m also a member of the youtube channel TheMarvellousCast!

Jace Encinas

Age: 13
Country: Canada PST
Twitter: @JaceEncinas
Instagram: Jace Encinas
YouTube: Jace Encinas

Participate as: Artist, Writer, Voice actor, Animator, Tech Wizz, Musician, Editor (Video / Audio), Creative mind

I have a medium sounding natural voice, but it can go very high and very low. I have experience with writing, animation, editing, and voice acting. I’m also an artist and python programmer.
I can play multiple instruments, that being Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele.

Anything else: I began to write my first fan-fiction „Reforged“

Paisley Icedcreamx

Age: 17 (she/her)
Country: Canada (MST)
Twitter: icedcreamx
Instagram: icedcreamx

Participate as: Artist, Voice actor, Creative mind

I am a new voice actress that has a pretty good range of higher pitched voices. I can also do some lower to mid pitch too. I love playing villains especially! One of my favourite impressions I do is that of Harumi.

I also am an artist as well! You can check out my work on my Twitter and IG.

Anything else: If you want a voice actress or artist on your project, message my Twitter or IG!


Age: 19
Country: United States
Twitter: Pikachu_taco
Instagram: Titanium_tacoo
Youtube: Titanium Taco

Participate as: Voice actor, Animator, Editor (Video / Audio)

Details: I use Adobe premiere and Stopmotion studio. Voice acting is something new I want to try and get into.

Anything else: I like pie


Age: 17
Country: Ireland GMT
Twitter: MintArt

Participate as: Artist, Writer, Animator, Editor (Video / Audio), Creative mind

Details: I use Procreate on the iPad

Anything else: I have some experience with 2D animation and video editing but not that much. I have a lot of experience in writing and still art.


Age: 17 (she/they)
Country: United States (central)
Twitter: @nerdy_deviant
YouTube: Kai
Discord: Kai ❤#4016

Participate as: Artist, Writer, Voice actor

Details: I mainly just use my phone / iPad but I also have a computer / professional mic and equipment too

Anything else: I’m a good friend and willing to help anyone. I’m also ND.

G Frost

Age: 18
Country: US (EST)
Twitter: @GreenGiorno
Instagram: @G_Frost.Productions
Other social media: G Frost-Ogaji (Fandom)

Participate as: Artist, Writer, Creative mind

I am a graphic artist, writer, and digital editor. I have been writing a Ninjago inspired fan fiction titled Legends of Ogaji since 2012, and have been developing chapters, OCs, character designs, logos, and other material for this series since then. On my Instagram account I post edits of lego Ninjago mini figures and original OC designs.

Anything else: I am an administrator of the Ninjago Fanon Wiki and have published several of my own stories on that site— along with the two other admins we monitor the site together.

CluelessPXL (Michelle)

Age: 20
Country: United States (EST/CST)
Twitter: @CluelessPXL
Instagram: @CluelessPXL
Discord: CluelessPXL#6513

Participate as: Voice actor

Hello! I’m a theatre actress trying to get into the world of voiceover! I would say I have a pretty broad vocal range, as I’ve played a few roles ranging from young children to older, more motherly type characters. As well as everything in between (teen/young adult/etc.)! As mentioned earlier, I do have past acting experience, primarily rooted in theatre which is still something I’m pretty active in. I’m also open to singing if that’s something your project needs!

Comet – Codename Strike! Rise – DragonManStopmotions
on YouTube

Young Julie / Julie, Julie’s Mother, P.I.X.A.L. – Ninjago: Heirs of the Masters –
NinjagoGen / Wonder
on YouTube


Age: 17
Country: France
Twitter: @DubrocaElsa1

Participate as: Writer, Voice actor, Musician

Details: I play tuba.
I have a normally medium voice, but I can alternate it.
I write on Wattpad.


Age: 14
Country: Germany
Twitter: @MissyEditor
Instagram: luna_de_casa

Participate as: Writer, Voice actor, Musician

Details: I think I can adapt my voice very well to the character.

Anything else: I clicked the writer section, but it’s still a maybe (!)
I never tried to write a song text before, but I can sing very well


Age: 19
Country: United States (MST)

Twitter: @spectrofox
Instagram: spectroartz_25

Other social media: YouTube

Participate as: Artist, Editor (Video / Audio), Creative mind

Details: I do not use any computer software I use kinemaster app for editing and ibispaint for my art.

Anything else: I have little experience with voice acting and I’m practicing animation by reference and self teaching.


Age: 14 (she/her)
Country: United Kingdom
Instagram: @hooper_alyssa2

Participate as: Artist, Writer, Creative mind

Details: I use Krita when drawing


Age: 14 (she/her)
Country: United States- pacific time zone.
Twitter: izzyboola1
Instagram: 3izzyboolav3

Participate as: Artist

Details: For digital software I mainly use clip studio paint for all my art.


Age: 19 (they/them)
Country: USA (PST)
Twitter: @boopsthesnoops
Instagram: @boops.snoops

Participate as: Writer, Voice actor, Creative mind

Details: I am able to write up scripts if needed as well as hell develop any world if needed! I can also help come up with plot ideas, characters, etc.! For
voice, I can do my best to fulfill any voice we need!

Anything else: I am actually working on a podcast with some friends that is related to Ninjago, but has been changed to avoid copyright so I hope my experience with that will be beneficial to this fan project!


Age: 13
Country: United States
Twitter: no
Other social media: discord: RedRiptide#6956

Participate as: Artist, Creative mind

Details: I am a creative photoshopper who uses Pixler to edit photos. I am not
exactly an artist but I am a good photoshopped who can make thumbnails and come up with other ideas.

Anything else: I have lots of school work but I will work as hard as I can but I am a lousy artist so I can only photoshop if you need to see my stuff contact me via discord or ask Devi – she has my eMail address.

Millea Erell

Age: 14 (they/them)
Country: USA (Central time)
Instagram: @wannabe.m.e (extremely active)

Participate as: Writer, Voice actor, Creative mind

Details: For VAing – I don’t have a particular character I would like to VA in mind. My voice does sound more feminine, so any character with a higher-pitched voice would be something I could do. I can also voice for background characters / original characters, if they are included. I currently do have materials for a more professional microphone set up, but it is not setup yet. I definitely could find time and a place to record, but as of now, I have used my phone and an earbud microphone to record.
For writing – I am not very experienced in writing, script wise, but do have good experience in writing fiction overall. I’ve made personal stories, stories with Ninjago characters, and such.
Creative mind – I have a very wild and expressive imagination, and in the past have made ideas for Ninjago characters specifically for self-made projects. (Mainly small fanfictions.) I would be happy to contribute ideas and suggestions to the team.

Anything else: I do have an outside life, and a pretty busy house, but will try my absolute best to contribute all I can to this project!

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