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Gallery Of Gis
A journey through the history of ninja suit designs – Silhouette style drawings presented by @SnakeJaguar1


  1. Wow this is amazing !!

  2. There amazing

  3. Oh yesss, this is exactly the kind of stuff I am here for! Okay, that came out wrong. 😅 I already love evolution displays as is, but this one is truly magnificent! Somewhat cartoonish, but highly authentic and realistic, with an awe-inspiring amount of detail! I can really imagine these designs being used if the series does a 2D flashback sequence again in the future! Definetly my favourite Calendar entry so far.
    Keep up the great work, SnakeJaguar1!

  4. I love how you made sure to choose the “right” ninja for each outfit when possible.

  5. I am now going to use this for reference! Trying to translate those suits into human form is soooooooo hard.

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drawing by @candydragonx

banner/logo by @LegendOfNinjago

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