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Today we present you a very cool fan project
(It would be good if you view the page on a slightly larger screen. On the smartphone you can not read the texts well.)

from @NinjagoGen
Layout and presentation by @EvaEEHa


  1. Ooh, interesting!

  2. I really like Cole having an adopted son, it actually fit more into his character than if he had a biological child.
    These are really good headcanons!

  3. Very happy you enjoyed what we have to share today! If you would like to see more, we have a dedicated page this website now! I sadly cannot link it because apparently this comment section doesn’t like copy pasting (at least from my phone) but it is the ” interested in more information?” button just above the comment section here

  4. Cool like the concept though I would keep lloyds son as good just mischievous. Also who may I ask is the mother of Lloyd’s two fine kidos?

    AMAZING BUILDS BTW they look official not kidding

  5. Thank you for the feedback! When it comes to who the mother is, we decided to keep that open ended. It can be an OC of yours if that’s the blank you want fill, or it could be Akita or Harumi if that suits your fancy.

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