– 25 –

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate Christmas.
For those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas (yet): We wish you a wonderful day and to all of us a great transition into a hopefully HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023.
We hope you enjoyed our advent calendar as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Ninja never quit! And neither do we!

On our last day we show you a concept art from 2010 and a previously unseen concept video from 2010 … a samurai concept competing with the ‘the snakes’. Drawings and text by Tommy Andreasen, video by M2 film … and the associated concept visual user for testing with kids.


  1. It’s amazing!! This advent calendar was so awesome !!🎄🎁✨❄️❤️❤️

  2. How awesome! You guys really pulled out all the stops on this advent calendar! So awesome to see one of Ninjago’s earliest concepts.

    Here’s hoping for an even more awesome 2023!

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drawing by @candydragonx

banner/logo by @LegendOfNinjago

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