– 17 –

On day 17 you can listen to a beautiful song!

A Holiday Ninjago Fansong

K97i, Zena Airale, and SOTE from Realm of Harmony present to you an Original Ninjago Fansong with a lyric video!
K97i contributed with most of the lyrics, vocals, and composed the melody and rock side of the song, while SOTE built off of the melody and composed the orchestral side of the song, added some vocals, and made the video. Zena brought everybody together, contributed with some lyrics, and made the thumbnail!


  1. Amazing this song touched my heart……
    Now I gonna listen it again and again…..
    Amazing guys who work in this video
    I hope I also do the same work as you guys are going..

  2. This was so much fun to work on!! Thanks for having us!

  3. Ayyy indeed!! A nice song to wrap up this year >v< ! See yall next <ear with Seabound songs hehehhe

  4. This song is so beautiful and touchi…. I am crying

  5. Yoooo this is amazing!!

  6. Np. Song was amazing.

  7. What an incredible song, I love the work put into the instruments and the vocals!! You guys are very talented!

  8. Absolutely amazing!

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drawing by @candydragonx

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