Treasure Chest

Here You Might Find Unknown Details

The 1st ever drawing of Lloyd

Early character sketches of the ninja

Birth of the spin-idea with elemental powers

Implementation of the sketch by Craig Stellar

Early sketch of the ‘Tornado of Creation’

Early stone warrior concept

Poster sketch from 2010

Poster concepts from 2010 of the ninja
named after writers at this early stage
(Poe, Dante, Whitman, Blake)

‘sum up’ for the first two Ninjago seasons ‘Rise of the
Snakes’ and ‘Legacy of the Green Ninja’ (2012)

First sketches of the five snake tribes in ‘Rise of the Snakes’ (2012)








Pythor P. Chumsworth



The following drawings are conceptual drawings from 2010. There was the idea of elemental snakes. And some ideas for building systems and dedicated Serpentine Spinners.

drawings from 2010

1st ever drawing of possessed Lloyd (Morro)

Early concept for Cole’s mother Lily. YEARs before MoM.

Potential new look for Pixal

Ducklesworth… that ghost Jay talked about on
the sub in seabound

Snake Monkey Wu – a not realized idea by Cerim Manovi

Statue of the First Spinjitzu Master (concept idea)

Just another ninja…..

Ninja with a Tiger … conceptual idea

Ninja inspired by Zorro

On Tommy Andreasen’s YouTube channel, he allows us to take a glimpse at his drawing technique and very own style

Ninja drawing – real time

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