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The Documentary is all about the journey, love, and passion that the creators have who helped with the creation of NINJAGO. We essentially let them tell the story of its creation through their perspective and all the fun as well as crazy stories that were done along the way.

Our 4 documentary hosts:

Brayden: @Ninja_Whip
… will have some reviews and news coming on Instagram: _ninjawhip_
J. Lachlan​
Hayley: @privateduckcall
Joshua: @joshuad_17

Special thanks to our trailer coordinator Akuma_Zen

artist: @IAmYasur

Have you ever wondered about the adventure that took place on the Dark Island before Day of the Departed and Hands of Time? Join TTV and NinjagoCast for a dramatic reading and telling of the ENTIRE Dark Island Trilogy, guest starring JACKSON from MarvellousCast as Jay! It’s time to tell the tale of the time Ninjago almost fell to darkness…

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Way of the Departed by Tommy Andreasen

In this story written by Tommy Andreasen and published on twitter you will find some answers. Why did Cole’s scar disappear? And why don’t the Ninja use Airjitzu anymore?

Joshua Deck

– draw with Joshua –

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